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Giant Fox was founded by Niels Vos and Quillermo Pellicaan, with the aim of ​​doing stuff differently. Both have a background in software development, where their mission arose to give consultants the stability and freedom they deserve. Consultancy aimed at real development and real progress for all parties involved, instead of just mindlessly working 'as many hours as possible'.

As a result, the energy in both our projects and our GIANTS remains high, while unnecessary costs due to failure or demotivation are minimal. We call that a win-win!

We are Giant Fox

Our roots are in software development. Additionally, we attach great importance to personal development.

When you work at Giant Fox you don’t have standard terms of employment, you can choose these yourself. Just like your flexible working hours, ways to develop yourself and everything else that makes your life better. This keeps work enjoyable and the energy in projects high. In the end, this ensures high quality and more creativity.

Focus on optimal performance

The focus of Giant Fox lies on optimal performance. This focus is reflected in our services, our customers and our business operations.

Software engineering is developing rapidly. Optimal use of opportunities for your organization requires a flexible approach fueled by motivated and smart people. Our GIANTS are experienced developers who are just as committed to your project as they are to their lives: creative, professional, responsible, solution-oriented and fun.

We, as a company, continuously strive for further development and a good work-life balance of those smart GIANTS, so that performance and enjoyment remain optimal.

We believe it can be done differently. Our philosophy is that you work to live instead of live to work.


Some of our projects:

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