Frequently asked questions

Do you have any questions? Feel free to reach out. To make things more clear, you can find the answers to questions we get asked regularly below.

Working at Giant Fox

The projects you do are based on your preferences, and are always within your technical expertise or experience. This can therefore differ for every individual GIANT. For example, if you find certain things interesting within your field, you want to limit travel time / work from home regularly or have a preference for a certain sector / type of organization, we will take that into account. If we think that your list of requirements is not feasible, we will be completely honest about that. If you don't quite know what you are looking for, we are of course happy to think along with you!

Once we have get to know your preferences, we will present you with a number of project options. Based on these, you can make a choice yourself; one assignment may be more interesting, but the other has a higher hourly rate and less travel time. This gives you control over the projects you do and gives you the opportunity to choose for what is important to you.

Depending on your project, you work (partly) on site at the client and from home (or any other location you prefer, such as a co-working space).

We are a strong supporter of remote working. Unfortunately, as a software consultant, we are also dependent on our customers in this regard. That is why we cannot guarantee 100% remote working. If you have a strong preference for working from home, we will of course take that into account when looking for a suitable project. Contact us to see what the possibilities are for your specific situation.

We have a number of reasons for that. First of all, our consultants live in various places in the Netherlands. They also mainly work from home or at the client. Renting a large office building at an expensive location is therefore not smart; it adds little to no value to our company, and as an employee you ultimately pay for it indirectly. However, we do want to be reachable for everyone; with employees in both the Eindhoven region and the Randstad, Geertruidenberg is a nice middle ground. This way we can reach everyone relatively easily, and vice versa. So our door is always open for a cup of coffee or tea.

Almost anyway you want! Continue to grow in the field of cloud development, follow certain training courses of your liking or work on your personal skills; you think of it, we arrange it. Of course we are also happy to help you with making choices on your professional and/or personal development. This way you can continue to develop yourself and take on increasingly challenging assignments.

The focus of Giant Fox lies on developers who want to grow technically; both in terms of knowledge and salary. If you aspire to grow into a real management role, Giant Fox is not the right place for you.

Our model, terms of employment and salary

Let's get a few things straight first:

  • You are a on a permanent contract at Giant Fox; you will therefore always get your chosen salary.
    • Also in case of illness, no assignment etc.
  • We arrange your projects, that is our responsibility.
    • If you don't have a project, you can start a new hobby at home or do that one course for which you never had time
  • We take care of all financial matters for you, you don't have to worry about anything.
    • We have help from our accountant, tax adviser, pension adviser; sufficient expertise indeed.
    • All matters such as pension, insurance, lease cars / bicycles, etc. are of course also included.
  • You just do your job (of course with great pleasure).
    • Oh wait, and you let us know how many hours you have worked every month.

Salary and perks

As a GIANT you get to choose your own base salary; you will receive this money every month. You can choose this salary based on a realistic calculation of your hourly rate and the average number of hours on an annual basis. We do not work with stairs, steps, matrices or other stuff that is devised in an HR department.

Did you have the feeling you set your salary somewhat too low? Then you can always adjust your salary later. However, we often see that salaries are adjusted downwards over the years... Why? This way, more money goes to your bonus. With a larger bonus, you can invest heavily in your terms of employment, which is very beneficial from a tax point of view. This way you get a large amount of value for your gross income. And if you don't spend it all, you will get a big bonus at the end of the year, not bad, right?

How much goes to Giant Fox?

Part of the total income (hourly rate + number of hours) goes to Giant Fox: we also need to pay for the coffee cups in the office. By default this is 10% of your hourly rate + a variable part based on your monthly salary (1/3 monthly salary to be precise).

Why does it this work like this? When a GIANT has a higher fixed salary, the risk for us also increases; we are obliged to always pay this high fixed salary, even if you have no assignment or are ill during this time. That is why we link part of our margin to the level of your chosen salary. Surprisingly (not really), you will receive more gross income when you choose a lower salary as relatively less money goes to Giant Fox. Do you still understand it?

For more information, take a look at our 'Careers' page.

Sometimes we get asked what the catch is; you can't really choose your own salary yourself, can you? Well, at Giant Fox, you can. However, something that we cannot do is print free money and give it away to our developers; otherwise, of course, we would all have been richer than Jeff Bezos. The engine of Giant Fox also needs to keep running; this way we remain stable as a company and we can continue to grow. Therefore, you can only choose your salary based on the money that comes in, minus our operating margin. Don't worry, even then there will be more than enough left for you. At Giant Fox, the money does not go to expensive cars for the big boss or the managers.😊

Do you have a minute? 😉

  • Easy to adapt to your personal situation and more flexibility in what you do with your income. A high basic salary one year, while investing more in your education the next year, and take 50 leave days after that? Everything can be adapted to your personal situation.
  • With most midlance companies, you will receive 70% of your hourly rate. At Giant Fox, this fluctuates between 60%-80%, depending on the choices you make.
  • Higher net income due to a budget for employment conditions. Your bonus is not paid net by default; we examine which costs can be incurred for business. Why lease a car privately if it can also be done through the company? And your extra monitor plus personalized ergonomic office chair are also business expenses. We ensure that you can get the most out of your income.
  • Fair estimate of projects and rates. Many midlance companies promise a (too) high hourly rate and too many hours. This means that in practice you often get disappointed. We don't inflate our estimates. When the income is higher than expected, you also reap the benefits.
  • We will give you honest advice about your development; we will never push you in a certain direction, but we will hold up a mirror for you to get a realistic look at your situation.

Yes, our flexibility is only limited by the possibilities of the tax authorities and the size of your bonus budget. Everyone is unique and therefore everyone should be able to make choose what is specifically beneficial for him or her. That already starts with the preference of a laptop; Apple, Windows or Linux. But it applies to everything; from your preferred way of transport such as an (electric) bicycle or lease car, to the number of leave days. Also consider something like personal and professional development; everyone differs in how they want to develop themself; you can take on courses, go to conferences or invest in self-study.

You are unique. Therefore, see us as a shoemaker where you can order your own customizable sneaker; we provide the basis and guarantee the quality, and together we do the design. We have different templates available, but you can also go wild yourself and let your imagination loose.

Is everything completely flexible? No, there is one employment condition that is not optional: you have to participate in our flexible pension scheme. For this pension scheme, you have to invest at least 1% of the income. You can increase this amount, but not decrease it. When you grow old you will thank us for it 😉

Applying to a job at Giant Fox

To start off, we have one or two short introductory meetings to see if there is a potential match; do we think you are a fit for Giant Fox and do you also think Giant Fox suits you? After these meetings, you make a programming assignment; this takes 2 to 3 hours and is intended to give us some indication of ​​your technical skills. You can make this assignment at home on any moment that suits you. We will then discuss the result of your test together. If everything is okay and we both decide that we want to continue with each other, we will immediately offer you a permanent contract.

Definitely, we also welcome open applications. The profiles we outline in our vacancies are the type we are actively looking for ourselves. This does not alter the fact that we are also open to other technical profiles; we are always happy to see if we can work something out. The only condition is that you are a technician with 5+ years of experience in the domain (related to) software development. So, for example, are you a good QA engineer, DevOps engineer or are you on the cutting edge of data and development? Then we definitely look forward to receiving your application. Look at our vacancies under 'Open applications'.

Other questions

Every year, we organize our 'Giant Fox Heidagen'. These few days are all about personal development, brainstorming together about Giant Fox and of course having a lot of fun with the team. In addition, we organize a fun activity for all GIANTS once in a while and we have our (half) annual meetings. We don't like it when something has a mandatory character, so if you're not a fan of this, that's fine too. In any case, feel welcome to join, it is certainly appreciated!

Unfortunately not. To be honest, we don't really get why...